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Training Tomorrow’s Drivers for the Past 30 Years

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Training For Your Class 3 License in Winnipeg & Brandon

Professional Transport Driver Training School offers offers driver training for your Class 1 & 3 license in Winnipeg and Brandon. Contact us today to book your classes. Utilizing Professional Truck Driver Institute of America curriculum, we develop and deliver high quality training and services that fulfill the driver education needs of the trucking industry, while at the same time assisting individuals with obtaining and enjoying safe, rewarding careers as professional drivers. Based on your needs, we offer both Class 1 and Class 3 driver training. We believe in every driver having all the skills necessary to be successful, which is why courses are a full 6 weeks. However, if you are just looking to upgrade a few of your skills, we offer hourly rates for remedial training. Contact Mark for hourly training rates.

We specialize in commercial Class 1 & 3 driver training for:

  • Semi-trailer trucks
  • Tandem-axle trucks
  • Remedial training (skills upgrades)
  • New hire driver evaluations for trucking companies

Call our office today to book your place in the course of your choosing. Spots fill up quickly so act fast. Start dates for the 6 week Class 1 training course are as follows:


April 09/2019
May 08/2019
June 06/2019
July 08/2019
August 06/2019
September 04/2019
October 02/2019
October 31/2019
December 02/2019


April 24/2019
May 23/2019
June 20/2019
July 22/2019
August 20/2019
September 18/2019
October 17/2019
November 18/2019
December 16/2019

Class 1 Driver Training

In-Cab Training

semi trailer


  • Safety around trucks
  • Vehicle definitions
semi trailer

Vehicle Inspections

  • To meet legal and safety requirements
semi trailer

Basic Operation

  • Control systems
  • Basic control
  • Couple and uncouple procedure
  • Common driver mistakes and dangers
  • Basic proficiency development
  • Brakes and the air brake system (including brake adjustment)
semi trailer


  • Basic upshifting and downshifting
  • Advanced shifting and care of the drivetrain
  • Fuel-efficient operation
semi trailer


  • Backing safety and guiding
  • Basics of backing
  • Bobtail backing
  • Angle backing
  • Advanced backing
semi trailer

Safe Operating Practices

  • Visual search
    • Intersections
    • Interchanges
    • Small towns
    • City driving
  • Communication
  • Speed and space management
    • Speed control
    • Controlled stopping
    • Following distance
    • Curves and driving on the highway
semi trailer

Advanced Operation Practices

  • Hazard perception (city and highway)
  • Emergency maneuvers (adverse driving)
  • Road signs, route following and inspection stations
  • Preparation for pre-employment road test

Classroom Training

semi trailer

Hours of Service Requirements

  • Canadian and American regulations
  • Basics of log books
  • Advanced log book training
semi trailer

Rules and Regulations

  • CVSA vehicle inspections
  • Weights and dimensions
  • Immigration and customs
semi trailer

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Introduction to maintenance
  • Unscheduled maintenance and repairs
  • Handling breakdowns
  • Diagnosing and reporting malfunctions
  • Preventative maintenance
semi trailer

Adverse Driving and Vehicle Control Factors

  • Rollovers
  • Skids
  • Extreme driving conditions
  • Downhill braking
  • Preventing downhill runaways
  • Handling tire failures
semi trailer

Handling Cargo

  • Cargo documentation (bills of lading, customs)
  • Safe loading, securing the load and weight distribution
semi trailer

Trip Planning

  • Map reading and route planning, fuel stops and calculations
  • Time and distance calculations
semi trailer

Accident Procedures

  • Safety and first aid to the injured
  • Scene of accident and accident reports
semi trailer

Personal Health & Safety

  • Truck stop etiquette and safety
  • Security and vandalism awareness
  • Dealing with road ragers safely
  • Diet and exercise
  • Cargo theft and vandalism
  • Life on the road
  • Distracted driving
semi trailer

Public & Employer Relations

  • Employment preparation
  • Employment procedures
  • Transport drivers and the public perception

Class 3 Driver Training

If the size of your vehicle requires you to possess a Class 3 licence in Winnipeg, you can trust the experts at Professional Transport Driver Training School to assist you in upgrading your current Class 5 licence to Class 3 status.

Our experienced instructors are able to show you the inspection and driving skills you must master to pass your Motor Vehicle Branch road test. Set up an appointment and learn what is required for your upgrade.

Please submit your student profile to see if you are eligible for enrollment to receive your class 3 licence in Winnipeg. You can also view our testimonials page to see what recent graduates of the program are saying about the course!

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